Labor accompaniment

We advise everybody who is looking for a job. We provide them with the necessary tools to apply for a decent job through training on employability issues. We accompany them to job interviews and follow up with both the employee and the employer to ensure long-term job satisfaction and stability.

We train staff from public and private institutions, companies, educational units and universities in employability issues, so that they can replicate the knowledge acquired with their beneficiaries/students. We also train members of grassroots organizations and civil groups, as long as they do not depend one specific institution.

We influence public policies through inter-institutional coordination for the defense of the rights of the socially disadvantaged population, with special emphasis on children, young people and families who live on the streets, and the population of working children and adolescents. 

We prepare and present the radio program "Contacto Laboral" in radio Cepra Satelital 100.9, where we report on topics of interest related to the labor field. We also produce printed and audiovisual material on the subject, which we disseminate live and through social networks.

Together for decent work!

Labor welfare

We provide support to people who have a need in the development of personal skills that are essential for a good job performance. Next to that, we provide psychological support if someone is suffering from difficulties at work. We also offer support to everybody who is in a personal situation which affects his work performance negatively.

We advise companies and entrepreneurs in relation to labor welfare.

We offer personal evaluations of specific competencies, if required.

We train staff of institutions in their role as multipliers in topics related to well-being; we also train members of companies, associations, unions and interested people in general.

We influence public policies through inter-institutional coordination, with special emphasis on issues of labor harassment and informal work. 

We elaborate written, audio and visual material, and disseminate it through social networks, radio, television and live, informing and sensitizing the population on issues of harassment and labor welfare.

If you are not well with yourself, 

you are not well at work!

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We offer support in the realization of a successful business, providing the necessary guidance in the development and improvement of projects (market research, business plan, costs, business idea, innovation, customers, digital marketing, etc.), from the idea to the start-up.

At the same time, we provide workshops and training in relation to entrepreneurship to staff of public and private institutions, NGOs, companies, universities, educational units and others. 

We also accompany the incidence of public policies in favor of the entrepreneurial sectors and their ecosystem.

Be part of the adventure of entrepreneurship!

Social security

We advise and accompany people who require support in the affiliation of short-term, public and private insurance. We provide support in the processing of work-related accidents, disability, old age and death insurance, both for the policyholders and their beneficiaries.

We participate and support fairs and other activities organized by public and private partner institutions, in order to promote the scope and benefits of social security, and how to access it.

We influence public policies through periodic meetings with the Public Health System team, to coordinate different activities to inform and support the socially disadvantaged population. 

We develop videos, posters and leaflets to increase the general population's knowledge about integral health, short-term social security and the pension law.

Social Security from everyone and for everyone!

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Labor legal area

We solve doubts and questions related to labor legal issues. We provide guidance regarding the appropriate behavior in case of difficulties at work. We provide free labor legal advice to workers and employers that are interested. We also offer accompaniment in negotiation, mediation and conciliation before the Ministry of Labor, and support at judicial processes in labor matters.

We offer workshops to public and private institutions, universities, employers and civil society groups on topics such as labor rights, employment contracts, calculation of social benefits and remote working. 

We also carry out political advocacy in reference to decent work and respect for labor rights, against labor exploitation and in favor of co-responsibility in unpaid work in homes where only part of the household is working.

Because everyone has decency,

everyone deserves decent work!