2011 - 2015

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Objective: Socially disadvantaged adolescents and young adults have a decent work in respect to their rights and applicable laws.

The project ‘Trabajo Digno’1 started on September 1, 2011 under the institutional roof of Infante - ‘Promoción Integral de la Mujer y de la Infancia’2, where it supported women survivors of sexual and domestic violence, and socially disadvantaged women in the search for decent work and the realization of successful street stalls. The project also provided training to women and conciliations with employers. At the same time, we accompanied NNATs3 de la Cancha4, together with CeHM5.

After differences between Infante and the common financial institution EBMLA6, the project ‘Trabajo Digno’ moved  to the center of Cochabamba in August 2012. From that moment on, it operated under the institutional roof of the FCVB7. Through this change, the project started to not only support women survivors of sexual and domestic violence, but opened its doors to all people who required support in the legal labor field and in the search for a decent work, regardless of sex, gender, religion, political orientation or nationality. Until August 2013, 273 people sought support from the project. 

During 2013, we trained students from all schools in the municipalities of Quillacollo and El Paso on child labor legislation, together with the Child and Adolescent Ombudsman's Offices. Furthermore, we trained students from the Sayarinapaj Technological Institute of Bella Vista in labor legislation and employability. We prepared a teacher's guide and three job placement evaluations about the institute's students. In total, we reached 1859 participants in 78 workshops. During the same year, we joined the ‘Network against Violence against Women in Cochabamba’.

Due to the continuous increase of people requiring support, we decided to hire a social worker in September 2013. One year later, we extended our team by hiring a psychologist and a labour lawyer. From this moment on, we provided accompaniment in the search for work, psychological support to achieve job stability and labor legal advice. 

From August 2013 to the end of 2015, we accompanied 948 people individually. We provided 50 workshops to 1209 people (child and adolescent workers, temporarily residents of shelters, students, NGO staff). Moreover, we participated in 23 public events, raising awareness to 9073 people and distributing more than 4832 brochures and other informative material on basic labor legal aspects. In 2015, we integrated the "Yanapanakuna Network'' that promotes the rights of NNASC8 and NNATS. 

1 Decent Work 

2 Integral promotion of woman and childhood 

3 Child and adolescent workers 

4 One of the biggest markets in Latinamerika 

5 Brother manolo centre 

6 ‘A bridge to latin america’, Luxembourgish NGO 

7 Foundation ‘Cristo Vive Bolivia’ 

8 Children and adolescents of the street