Aldrin Gabriel Arrazola


Aldrin Gabriel Arrazola has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Administrative and Technological Sciences UCATEC, with a Diploma in "Training of Leaders for Transformation" - IDEA Foundation, a second Diploma in "Design and Entrepreneurship for Social Innovation" - Hub 7 Entrepreneurship, and a third Diploma in "Higher Education" - Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of San Simón.

He is a Business Management Expert of the project ‘Trabajo Digno’ of the KALLPA Foundation, since 2016 to date.

He has extensive experience in advising and accompanying socially disadvantaged and professional people in relation to economic independence, as an alternative to generating income through their own business. He is a specialist in facilitating workshops and courses on entrepreneurship to public and private entities. Aldrin handles political advocacy in favor of the entrepreneurial and commercial sector.

Aldrin Gabriel Arrazola