Patricia Fernanda Fernández Ortega

patricia fernandez

Patricia Fernanda Fernández Ortega has a degree in Psychology from the University of San Simón. She has a diploma in Public Management from the Plurinational School of Public Management, a diploma in Higher Education by Competencies from the University of San Simón, a diploma in the Right of Children and Adolescents to Family from the Salesian University of Bolivia (USB) and a diploma in Analysis and Prevention of Structural Violence from the USB.

Currently, in the Kallpa Foundation, Patricia is responsible for accompanying young care leavers towards independent living.

She has experience as a facilitator and advisor in youth empowerment. Also, she is coordinator of the training and accompaniment program for adult and independent life. She is a specialist in training processes for adolescents, young people and technical teams, and promotes volunteer programs. She is an expert in attention and design of intervention programs for the vulnerable population, and in the management of public policy advocacy.

Patricia Fernanda Fernández Ortega