The project ‘Trabajo Digno’ (decent work) has been
operating since 2011 in the city of Cochabamba, where it supports socially
disadvantaged people by helping them achieve a dignified life through decent
work and access to social security, in the respect of their rights and existing
laws. It is addressed to everybody over 14 years of age, without distinction of
nationality, faith, sexual orientation or others. All services offered by the
project are free of charge.


The Kallpa Foundation is a non-political, non-profit
institution that promotes the economic, social and cultural rights of the
population of Cochabamba through integral development projects and the
promotion of wellbeing, with the aim of contributing to the achievement of
dignified living conditions that allow the establishment of a life outside of
poverty, towards a culture of equality and respect for human rights.


In this context, the Kallpa Foundation welcomes the
project Trabajo Digno since 2019.

Support the population in their path towards a dignified life, based on
the respect of economic, social and cultural rights; more specifically focused
on the access to decent work and social security, through political advocacy,
knowledge expansion and personalized accompaniment, under the approach of human
rights and gender equality, promoting the protagonism and individual
development of each person.

The population who lives in Bolivia enjoys
decent living conditions that guarantee a life free from poverty, in a culture
of equality and respect for human rights. 

The economic, social and cultural rights of
the population living in Bolivia are respected.    

The population in general and more
specifically the socially disadvantaged population has access to decent work
and social security.


Did you know?


Ana Karina Reyes Oruño

Martine Greischer

Jinky Irusta Ulloa

Fedra Guadalupe Sanjinés Vargas

María Magdalena Condori Sola

Norka Cuéllar Maugriola

Silvia Verónica Ruiz Gómez

Carla Soraya

Ponce de León Aramayo

Paola Carola Encinas Mirabal


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