Norka Cuéllar Maugriola

Norka Cuéllar Maugriola


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Norka Cuéllar Maugriola, has a degree in Legal Science from Universidad Privada del Valle, with a focus on labor and business law; she holds a Master’s degree in Business and Corporate Law from Universidad Mayor de San Simón (UMSS).  She has the following diplomas: Negotiation, Conciliation and Arbitration at the Universidad Privada Boliviana; Labor Legislation and Social Security at UMSS; Human Resources Management at UMSS; Higher Education at UNIVALLE and Scientific Research Methodology at the Universidad Privada Domingo Savio.

Since 2021 she has been responsible for the Legal Labor Area of Kallpa Foundation, Proyecto Trabajo Digno in Cochabamba.

Extensive experience in judicial courts sponsoring labor cases; resolution of individual and collective conflicts in Sede Administrativa del Ministerio de Trabajo; advice and accompaniment to the population in vulnerable situations; facilitator in workshops on labor issues. She manages the incidence in public policies related to the economy of the person, employment, quality and actors.

Norka Cuéllar Maugriola