María Magdalena Condori Sola


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María Magdalena Condori Sola has a degree in Social Communication from the University of San Simón . She has a diploma in Higher Education by Competencies from the UMSS, a second diploma in “Methodology of approach to children and adolescents in street situations and high risk” from the Salesian University and a third diploma in “Integral and Methodological Educational Processes to work with Children and Adolescents” from the UMSS.

She is an Expert in access to Decent Work for vulnerable populations of the project ‘Trabajo Digno’ of the Kallpa Foundation from 2015 to date. 

Maria is an operational technician, advisor and facilitator in employability and recruitment issues. She is a specialist in strengthening organizations of working children and adolescents, and in the issues of child labor and street population. In addition, she manages political advocacy. Next to that, she is a radio broadcaster of the program “Contacto Laboral” in radio Cepra 100,9.

Maria Magdalena Condori Sola