Silvia Ruiz

Silvia Veronica Ruiz Gomez 


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Silvia Veronica Ruiz Gomez is a graduate of Business Administration from the University of San Simon obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree, with a Diploma in Human Talent Management at the Private University Franz Tamayo.

Since 2019 to date, she has been an Expert in Social Security at the ‘Trabajo Digno’ project of the Kallpa Foundation.

She has more than 10 years of experience in the area of Human Resources and Social Security management, providing information, advice and accompaniment if someone wants to apply to social security, occupational safety and short and long term insurance to the population that requires it. Moreover, she is a specialist in facilitating workshops and courses on Social Security, Pension Law and Occupational Safety. She manages public policy advocacy, in order to improve access to health care for the socially disadvantaged population.

Silvia Veronica Ruiz Gomez